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12 Ways to Save the Planet in 2019

It’s something of a childhood dream, to believe we can save the planet. As we grow older, it’s easy to get lost in routine ways and often forgetting the impact even just the smallest things can have. For instance, plastic straws make up about 8% of our planet’s plastic pollution. It’s not too late though! Together we can truly make a difference with just a few simple routines.

Though I’d learned of Veganuary a year or two ago, this will be my first! Excitement sets in and with the New Year I thought ‘How great would it be to have something like Veganuary each month to encourage and test out new ways of living sustainably,’ as thus-

2019 Monthly Sustainability Challenge

Veganuary January

Going completely vegan can freak a lot of people out, including me at times even after years of being a strict vegetarian. Consider, however, a temporary dietary choice to cleanse and heal your body (we all know we need it after the Holidays!) and your reduce environmental impact. As it stands, over 80% of farmland around the world is used to raise livestock. Study suggest that if America were to go vegan, over 390 million more people could be feed. Okay so what’s 31 of 365 days.

Fair Trade February

Next time your at the grocery store, make sure to keep an eye out for that Fair Trade certification, especially when buying items like coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, etc. This ensures that these products are produced using sustainable methods and provide a fair exchange with locals for these goods. Making sure people are supported and treated fairly is just one way we can start to save the planet in 2019!

March into Chemical-Free

With so many products out there it can be hard to know what you are actually getting these days. This month is all about getting into chemical-free products that will not only benefit the planet, but also your health! Look for all-natural options and forgo the unnecessary scents. Grab your essential oils and diffuse them into your home for a peaceful chemical-free environment.

April Showers

This month is super simple! As long as you have a wrench or a handyman around, you’ll mostly spend the month reaping the benefits. Time to install that new shower head! Replace your old standard shower head with a high-efficiency one to reduce water heating needs and save thousands of gallons of water per year.

May Flowers

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, the bees are in need of some serious help. Bees hold such an important role in our ecosystem and without them, we would not be able to grow any of the food we eat today! With that in mind, to save the planet this month, plant any flowering plants you can. Bees need things to pollinate and by housing a garden not only can we help the bees, grow our own food but we also give ourselves the simple reminder to stop and smell the flowers in life.

Juicing June-

As the days grow longer here in the northern hemisphere and the fruit of your garden labors mature, it’s time to start putting all that goodness to use! I find myself each year with more produce than I know how to use so in 2019 I decided to take on a juice challenge. Instead of letting your produce go to waste this year, start experimenting early with making yummy juices you can share with your loved ones, that is, if that can get some!

Gemstones in July

There is something so cozy and special about the places we call home. This month, we are looking inward, on how to make our home decor remind us of the sacred nature of this planet. Instead of buying man made decorations, often made of un-earth-friendly products like plastic, go to your local rock shop and pick up some gemstones. Not only do these make the perfect decorations, but they also hold healing qualities and energies that take the homey feeling to the next level.

Agricultural August

Each fall brings many presents, most of which come in the form of dying leaves and plants. It’s best time of year to start a compost if you don’t already have one. This August we are also assessing both success and failure with our agricultural projects and redesigning anything we can to utilities our resources better for the next growing season so get crafty and let those leaves rot to provide health soil for next spring!

Shop Responsibly September

There’s no denying how quickly styles can change. With massive amounts of textile productions each year, too much of it is going to waste. Beyond that, many companies production processes are less than fair. For this reason, we challenge you to support some of our favorite brand that have really made an effort to save the world! Check out Krochet and Kids, Odina Surf and a long time favorite, Patagonia.

Zero Waste October

Okay who’s ready for this challenge? For the month of October let’s save the planet by producing zero waste! This can be a huge task especially depending on where you live but fear not, it is absolute possible. Some ways to eliminate waste are to reusable bags, both produce and grocery style, reusable straws and water bottles of course, and you can even take your own storage containers to the bulk section at your local grocery. This might be an adjustment so just stick with the best you can and the Earth will thank you!

Nude November

Okay this is suppose to be fun so be sure to stay within the necessary boundaries and comfort of your being. I recently read a study that showed women who wear less clothes actually live longer. Of course, we must stay warm and abide cultural standards, however, this months challenge is to spend as much time in the nude as possible. This can be super empowering for both men and women but it also reduces the need for laundry, therefore saving energy and water!

Support Local December

It’s that time of year again, when we get to spend so much time with our friends and family in holiday cheer and giving gifts, is something many of us hold dear. This year, give the gift of locally-made treasures that are sure to be one of a kind while celebrating all your help of saving the planet this year!

11 thoughts on “12 Ways to Save the Planet in 2019

  1. 12 ways to save the planet in 2019 is such a good article. I love the way the months really represent what is going on in the world. Maybe if everyone could follow the rules of saving the world with these 12 steps we may be able to survive another millennium.

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful article I really did love reading it and hope everyone else that reads it enjoys it as much as I did.

  2. I have just typed “Ways to save the earth” on Google, and the top 8 things to do are what you have just mentioned in your article.. Limiting the usage of plastic, because ocean plastic pollution is a global crisis which needs to be stopped. This is a very educative post and I will share this with my family and friends and we will try our very best to making the planet a safer place by following these instructions every month.

  3. I really think that this article is great as we can actually learn a lot from it. I am often dieting and I think that January is a great time to be vegetarian. I will definitely share this with my wife because I think that she would not like to see September lol. Thanks for such interesting topic.

  4. You remind me to change my shower head. It surely helps the planet and it saves money. I like your idea to make our home decor with natural object like wood and gemstones. I will start to use that one right away. :0)

    Sadly, the nude November is not a good idea for me. I like in Canada. And it’s freezing…

  5. I absolutely loved your article on how we can save the world. 

    I have actually been practicing some of the methods you covered for over a year now and I totally agree that saving our planet should be one of our primary focuses. 

    I believe in the energy transference as well between how we slaughter our meat to consume them and then how we absorb the trauma from the animal that we are consuming. After all we are what we eat and our cells recreate every 35 days based solely off of what we eat! 

    You have made some excellent points and I look forward to reading more from you here!

    Thank you for being such a light in our society!


    1. We certainly are what we eat so it is best to eat live and healthy foods as much as possible.

      We are happy to hear some of these practices are already implemented into your life and appreciate your efforts to save the world as well.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts Aaron! 

  6. I am constantly trying to be eco-friendly but always find myself reverting back to old habits almost immediately. As soon as something gets a little out of my comfort zone it’s easy to start being a consumer just like everyone else. 

    I never realized how much of an impact eating meat can cause. I did used to cleanse essentially by going Vegetarian at times for around a month or so. If I wasn’t able to do that I would at least try and cut my meat intake to once a day. It’s interesting because I felt like I had much more energy. I didn’t know that I was also helping to save the planet! 

    I do make certain to install high efficiency technology in my home and rental properties. One thing that I have been focused on it my thermostat, but maybe I can shift focus to shower heads.

    Would you say that there is a particular area, if you had to just choose one of these, that is the most important to start with?

    Thanks for the great ideas!


    1. Any place you start in the perfect place! I find that what inspires me most may not be what inspires other most. Personally, I choose to sustain a diet that uses less resources than say, a meaty diet but others feel called to start recycling or install solar panels. Whatever it is that speaks to you most, is the place you should begin. In this, you can find success and your passion may grow!

  7. Hello there,

    this is truly a very beautiful and informative article, I enjoyed reading it and learning a lot of new & useful things today, thank You! I love our Mother Nature, however it is very painful to see us- humans destroy our precious planet step by step. It’s heart-breaking and it is all our fault, but if we humans created these problems I truly from bottom of my heart believe that we can stop these problems and prevent them from happening. I think that if we all gather as a community and will follow these amazing advices which You provided here in Your article- we can make a huge and meaningful difference and start turning things around for better! As far as ways to save the planet go, I am sure that I will be able to follow most of them and implement them into my daily life. First of all, I am vegetarian, however I am seriously thinking about going vegan at the moment and after reading Your article and discovering that it can significantly reduce the environmental impact and that we could also feed much more people if we would go vegan- I don’t think that I need any more reasons to go vegan! I will also be sure to follow Your advice to plant some flowering plants to improve our ecosystem and bring some positivity & colors into our life. I think the most challenging, although definitely the most rewarding & effective way to save our planet would be for all of the humanity to significantly reduce or completely eliminate (if possible) the amount of waste we create and produce. I am very positive that this solution has every chance to be the most succesful way to prevent pollution and other serious environmental problems. And the best part about it is the fact that it is totally achievable if more people would actually care and start using reusable bags, reusable straws and water bottles, reusable containers and so on. 

    All in all, thanks for such eye-opening and motivating article. Keep up the great work! 😉

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