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Being More Sustainable

Bringing Eco-Consciousness into your everyday life truly can make a global difference so imagine if we all did just a little better each day! Here are a few tips and ways to bring more sustainability into the home.

    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – we all know the term but what does that look like? Reuse your paperbag, use hand towels instead of paper towels, and anything you can’t find an additional use for, be sure to send it off in your recycle bin.
    • Upcycle and Repurpose – Transform that old nightstand to a garden planter, old light bulbs to vases or that old latter to a chic blanket holder. Upcycing is so much fun! Get creative!
    • Go Solar – Not only is this my favorite renew energy but it helps keep your power bill down! If you can go all the way quite yet, consider starting with a solar powered water heater.

  • Grow Your Own – Start a garden! Get your hands dirty and taste the difference, nothing compares to food you harvest from your own garden. Give it a shot and if you don’t have much space, check out some vertical gardens or search in your area for a community garden.
  • Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products – This is my favorite! There are some awesome natural cleaners on the market. Not only do they smell great, thanks to essential oils, but I never stress about all the fumes and unknown chemicals I’m injesting while scrubbing away.
  • Buy an All Natural Mattress – There’s no need to worry about where you lay to rest at night. After all, you are there to rest! An all natural mattress help reduce allergies, better regulate temperature and they are chemical free leaving you to rest, stress free

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