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Essentials for Newborn Baby | Bringing Baby Home



Bringing your baby home can be a little stressful, especially if it’s your first born! We understand being a parent is a lot of work so we have compiled a list of some essentials for your newborn baby. We have selected each item with care as we know the importance of keeping the little ones clean and clear. Our choices are all organic and free of harsh chemicals to keep your baby’s baby as soft and pure as the day they were born.


Goat-Milk Organic Muslin Swaddle – $47

This unisex swaddle is both breathable and practical. Its good for swaddling your baby as he/she sleeps, use is as a shade cloth or a coverup as your feeding on a warm summers day. It is made in India using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin to keep your baby safe and sound.

Gray Label Raw Edge Baby Booties – $26

These adorable Raw Edge Booties will keep those tiny baby feet warm and cozy. They are made using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton so they are incredible soft and worry free!





Dani Kenney Soft Suds – $32

An awesome baby body wash and shampoo that is safe to use on newborn and mamas, throughout any stage of life or pregnancy. This oil-based soap made to cleanse without removing the precious natural oils of the skin keeping if moisturized and healthy.



Nursery Cleansing Kit – $28

A kit packed full of everything you need to create a safe, positive and loving space for your baby. It has white sage and palo santo for clearing negative energies and protection, a leather wrapped feather for spreading the purifying smoke, a bottle Lavender Body & Linen Ritual Spray for cribs, blankets, bodies and more, and a couple crystals to keep to energy peaceful pleasant and uplifting. Use this before you bring your baby home, after a crying fit or anytime the space feels like it needs more love and light.





Oeuf Organic Crib Sheet – $55

Let’s face it, babies spend most the day sleeping and we hope most the night too! If we are going to leave them in the crib to rest peacefully, we should know the linens surrounding them are safe from harsh chemicals. This super soft, cute sheet is made using 100% pure GOTS certified organic pima cotton and made in Peru under fair trade principles.





11 thoughts on “Essentials for Newborn Baby | Bringing Baby Home

  1. Hi Dede!

    I love the fact that organic stuff is taking over bit by bit.

    Moreover, the newborns are so soft and delicate, you wouldn’t use something chemical on them when you got other options.

    I find these items very helpful and suitable to make the first days of your baby better for both.

    Thanks for the review and the tips 🙂

  2. This is something that is going to be useful to mommy yet to be and it is actually pretty accurate. I was looking this up for my sister in law and I’m pretty sure that she agrees with most of the items mentioned in the list and added one or two as well.
    Do you recommend specifics that are needed just by the mother?

  3. Courtnels, I have read through your post and I carefully admired the way that you selected the best and safest items that you could possible used for your post. Thank you for all that valuable information. A number of mother s will find this article very helpful and will search for these items regardless of their price. Is there anything more that you could suggests mom add to this safe collection? DorcasW

  4. This is such an important article. Everyone has this day in their life where they are really happy and excited also they are stressed out . This article had some wonderful products that we can look for a new born baby. I personally loved the Swaddle. It’s not expensive and it’s looks like a really good quality. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. Great write-up

    This article has been well researched and put together for all expecting parents and mothers in particular.The nursery cleaning kit really got my attention as I have not seen anything like it in reality, except in the  movies, so I have a quick question;How does this really work is it some kind of spiritual or mystic powers Thank you.

    1. Yes! The burning of sage and palo santo is actually ritual used in many cultures with the belief that the smoke grabs onto any negative or stagnant energy and release it leaving behind blessing and protection. The spray has lavender which has calming properties and the crystals as well! Hope this helps! 

  6. Thank you for a very thoughtful list. I will make sure to be sharing this list to my friends who are expected, 2 of them this year. As for me not sure yet. I already got one of my friends a baby shower gift, for another friend I am considering the Soft Suds. The baby is so fragile and It is the best thoughtful gift, I try to avoid buying clothes since the newborn grow up so quickly. 

    Happy holidays

  7. If you can afford it, organic is definitely the way to go! 

    Babies’ skin is so sensitive and much more likely to be affected by any chemicals in their surroundings, and of course, we all want the very best for the protection of our babies.

    You have some great ideas here.  I really like the set for cleaning the nursery. Lavender will also help the baby to sleep of course.

    Very many thanks for your information.

    Chrissie 🙂

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