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Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces | Guide to Success

It’s my favorite time of year, when all the frost disappears and the ground begins to thaw. ‘What am I going to grow this year?’ I often think to myself for hours on end. This year, I’ve had a new challenge to face, no yard! How do you grow a successful garden without a yard? Well, I’ve complied my research and rinsed my hands. Now that my plants are happily growing on my balcony I can share my advice with you!

1-Examine your space

How much space do you have? What direction is it facing? What time of day does it get the most sun? How much sun does in get everyday? Don’t forget that vertical space counts here too!


2-Look for local plant growers

Not only will plants that have been grown in your climate adjust to the changes easier but wholesale growers in your area likely have the best deal anyway! It’s okay for you to ask if they are organic, even if you don’t see a sign. The answer might pleasantly surprise you.


3- Get quality soil

This is perhaps the most important ingredient in a healthy garden so be sure not to skip out on this one. A quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting better soil is by the weight of the amount your getting. The lighter the soil the easier it the roots can spread and grow.


4- Be creative with pots

Buying new pots for a small space garden can be pricey but don’t let that stop you! Some of my greatest finds have been at yard sales and by using the good old imagination to upcycle things like old kitchen pots or tea kettles.


5- Grow Vertical

Vertical space is space too and we should use it! In a small space garden, growing everything on the ground can be kind of limiting so get crafty and figure out how to hang your plants. This year I am growing tomatoes upside down so we will see how that turns out!


6- Get a good watering can

Watering can take a fair amount of time so be sure to get a good set up and make it as easy on yourself as possible


7- Eat your plants

Grow plants that you can eat. These plants usually grow a bit quicker anyway and by mid summer half your grocery shopping is down right there on your balcony.


8- Use plants for privacy

Sometimes it’s nice not to stare into your neighbors bedroom window as you sit outside to enjoy the sunset. Use your vertical space to your advantage even more but making a green wall of privacy. Depending on your climate, you may need to plant fast growing plants like me so provide summer privacy before the fridge winter fits! Think about plants like tomatoes, goji berry, cucumber, peas etc.


9- Repurpose

What’s the point of trashing things your plants love? Blend your banana peal and mix it with the plant water one day, save the water from your cooked noodle and serve when its cooled. Trust me, there are so many nature nutrients waiting to make it back to your garden!


10- Love your plants

Plants really do better when you talk to them. Make your plants feel loved in anyway you can and now only will your garden feel more amazing, but you’ll probably get more production.

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