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How to Use Less Plastic | Simple Steps to Saving

Although plastic may be convenient short term, the harmful affects are everlasting. Plastic consumptions has increased drastically over the past 10 years and most of us are only minimally aware of the results of this. According to USA Today, we’re dumping the equivalent of one garbage truck’s worth into the ocean per minute. The ocean is currently hosting approximately 165 million tons of plastic waste. That is more weight in plastic than the Pyramids of Giza! It’s easy to overlook but we are here to help you understand how you can start making a difference everyday by taking these simple steps.



Gets That Cool Grocery Bag

Not only do these reusable bags help tremendously with reduce the use plastic bags, but they are ways stronger and hold more than a traditional grocery bag. Also, they are much more ascetically pleasing, so it’s a win in all directions!



Forget the Straw

It’s such a small piece of plastic right? Well, yes, but a lot of them are used every hour! Leaving that straw in the wrapper, or better yet, in your servers apron, may not seem critcal but even if only 50% of straw users made the change, literal tons of plastic would be saved from polluting the ocean!



Reuse Your Nice Water Bottle

If you’re one of those people that like ice cold water, then this is a double bonus! Reducing plastic bottle waste is one of the biggest hurdle we fast so it makes since that one person makes a huge difference. Invest in a water bottle that suits your needs, whether the goal is to keep your water cool, or filter your water on the go, there are lots of great reusable water bottles on the market!



Buy Cardboard over Plastic

I remember when I grabbed my first ever laundry detergent “box.” I was looking for a sustainable natural soap and that definitely caught my attention. I read the box which explained the design and I’ve never gone back! Packaging in plastic has become the norm but is leaving quiet a lot of waste that we are not able to manage so support companies that are aware of this issue.



Choose Companies You Agree With

Have you ever been to a bagless grocer? It was an interesting concept to me when I first encountered an establishment with this policy but one that was easily adopted. Notice which of your local grocers use paper instead of plastic and/or only offer non-plastic options and keep that in mind the next time you need to go shopping.



Buy in Bulk

Packaging plastic is one of the largest contributor to plastic pollution to date. When you buy in bulk, take your mason jars or glass containers in and fill them at the store! Not only does this drastically reduce waste but helps you stay organized and keep your kitchen looking stylish. Also, check out reusable produce bags, they are breathable and ideal for anyone buying produce!

It’s easy right? No matter how small our actions seem, the difference speaks loudly. Change is a process so don’t stress is, just be aware and let it happen! Comment your thoughts on this matter, share your experience with us and ask any questions you have. We are here to help!


5 thoughts on “How to Use Less Plastic | Simple Steps to Saving

  1. After using plastic for many years I am now working toward removing it from my home completely. Your post was great and reinforced my determination to get rid of one of the worst pollutants on the planet. A recent TV program I watched explained how degraded plastic is eaten by fish and in turn, we are eating those fish so it has become part of our food chain. Woolworths and Coles will not be using plastic bags in 2018 and I think that is great. Do you think the next step should be disposable nappies?

    1. Margaret, I am happy to hear you are well along your journey to be plastic free! There are so many places we can improve. I think the best steps we can take are addressing individual usage and supporting companies that are aware and active with the change. One of my favorite bikinis are crafted using recycled plastic from the ocean! Ultimately, I think we just have to support business we believe in. 

  2. Hey Dede!

    If only each person in the planet did just a little to help, everything would be alright.

    Here, in Spain, we’ve always had plastic bags offeres to us at the supermarkets, malls, and shops in general to put the goods in. Some years ago they approved a law to charge them with some cents, so that it would discourage their use. Now people still use them, and others make money out of it.

    The only way to stop using the wrong things is by erasing them, not paying for them in my opinion. Too bad economic interests will always be over Earth’s health.

    Thanks for bringing awareness about this important topic.


  3. Hello Dede, This is a nice eye opener. I didnt even realize I was contribuing to water pollution. Do you have any recommendations on what to put toddler travel snacks in? I use plastic sandwhich bags or mini plastic tupperware. What do you suggest I replace theses with?

    1. Mara, thanks for getting involved in this issue. Great question, obviously it is desirable to eliminate the use for plastic all together but in the case that you are reusing the tupperware, there’s a step in the right direction! Perhaps you could save some mint tins when the mints are gone use the tin to carry snacks. Personally, I use mason jars and glass tupperware for most of my needs. Hope this was helpful! 🙂

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