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Sustainable Gift Guide | An Eco Friendly Holiday

It’s that time of year again

The snow is falling and the fire is crackling as we gather to celebrate each other, with holiday cheer. It’s a special time when our loved ones are near, but there’s never time to let our planet suffer. I love giving gifts to my friends and family, it is a love language that most value to a measurable level and of course, fun to do a little justified shopping now and then! With this in mind, I have created a Sustainable Gift Guide to help others gift responsibly this year. 

For Mom and Dad-

Of course we always want to think of our parents in peak healthy and vitality but unfortunately, time is less of a friend as we age. On average, people spend 30 years of there life sleeping and offend spend more and more time relaxing as the years go by. Having a non-toxic, natural, organic place to rest can really be valuable to anyone with aches and pains.  Avocado Mattress is at the top of our list right now and we couldn’t have a sustainable gift guide without our number one! To learn more, check out Why Organic Mattress | What You Need To Know.

For your girls-

There’s no better way to empower your favorite ladies than with one of these personally sewn beautiful knits by Krochet Kids intl. This company is committed to helping women around the globe be able to work in a fair and equal enviornments. Inside each item, you will find a handwritten tag from the woman who sewed it, reminding you that you can help on greater levels that you think!

For Your Man-

One of our fav of all faves companies has really stood out this year with their actions to help protect our planet, PATAGONIA. This company is truly committed to the betterment of our planet and has left an impression on any who wear there gear and all who know there mission. Keep your man warm this year with some cozy versatile outdoor gear.

For the Kids-

Of course, we love to spoil our little ones and sometime a bit too much. The more eco-friendly and natural toys I discover, the more I am amazed by the creativity and character these types of toy can have! My absolute favorite right now is the entire doll line from Noble and Carriage. They are seriously adorable but don’t miss there unique design of wooden toys that can double as decor!

And last but not least!

For YOU-

Be sure to show yourself some love this year with a Personalized Self Care Kit! Mine consists of homemade bath bomb, all natural mud masks and of course, a few beeswax candles to set the vibe right! 

Thanks for checking out my Sustainable Gift Guide, a way to an eco-friendly holiday! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase through these links, I receive a percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

20 thoughts on “Sustainable Gift Guide | An Eco Friendly Holiday

  1. We are really in the time of the year whereby we need to give gifts to our loved ones and I am glad I came across this post. The mattress is an excellent idea as it is exactly what I would need to gift out to my elderly parents. Also the gift you suggested for the ladies would be a perfect gift I can gift out to a perfect someone.

    I would also definitely be gettin something for myself. This was helpful.

  2. You have mentioned many awesome and well thought out sustainable gift ideas for men, parents, girls, and ourselves.

    Do you have any natural sustainable gift ideas for kids? I would love the idea of sustainable toys or something along that line especially as Christmas is coming up within the next couple of weeks.

  3. I absolutely love that this article exists! I have a friend whose daughter is ultra enlightened and would love a knitted cap or scarf. But what’s more, She would only buy from a website like this one.

    I am going to forward a link to your website for her to get to know you!

    In the mean time, I am going to check out that mattress…not for my folks, but for myself!

    Thank you for the great suggestions! Is there a catalog somewhere with more items that are responsible to various causes?

    I’d like to see more choices of this stuff!

    1. Thank you for your interest and for sharing with your friends daughter! 

      As far as more items with a cause, check back to our blog regularly as this is what we care to share!

      If you have anymore questions let us know!

  4. Hi Dede,

    Merry Christmas! I love your article!  Using eco-friendly gifts is such a novel idea! 

    I really like the organic mattress idea! didnt know there was such a thing!

    I have 2 small girls – what would you suggest for them?

    Also, the gift you mentioned for oneself, its a bit girly for me…do you have any suggestion for a guy?


    1. Thanks for reaching out Tarun! 

      I have updated the guide to include some gift ideas for kids. I love the dolls because they have so much character!  

      As for the Self-Care gifts, this is such an individualized gift because everyone expresses there love differently. Perhaps for you self care could look like going to a basketball game or going to a yoga class or meeting some friends at the climbing gym. Anything that makes you feel more loved, gift yourself that!

      Happy Holidays! 


  5. Hi, 

    Thanks for sharing this gift guide! Not only I will be able to help preserve our home planet, but I will also be able to get awesome products. 

    I am intrigued by the Avocado mattress but I wonder if they ship it to Canada or if they have a store here. I never heard about it but a lot of people are giving a good review of it. 

    Also, the gift “for You” don’t have a link where I can find an eco-friendly gift for myself.


    John Greg  

  6. Hi, This is wonderful post with great information about sustainable gift guide. Some time it is tough to find out a gift for a specific person who is feeling good for taking gifts. I found this article is important for those who hesitate to choose any gift for their beloved person. I will follow all of those link in your article when I need to buy some gifts for specific person. Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. What a wonderful website with great ideas for the holidays.  I never really gave my mattress much thought except if it was comfortable, so you definitely educated me on the importance of a mattress that is eco friendly.  The hats and scarves are gorgeous, and the personal touch of knowing who made them is really personal.  Thanks.

  8. Hello,

    Oh my, your article on the wonderful Eco friendly holiday gifts are to die for! The gifts are so thoughtful and great gifts to give to the ones we love the most. Just in time for the holidays!

    The Avocado Green Mattress made with natural, non-toxic organic materials, it is easy to imagine the health properties and the benefits from the materials and comfort level, and hard to not want one for myself.

    What a great mission and cause brought on by Krochet Kids intl. with their articles of clothing, to know that the company pu help create life-changing jobs through the making of their clothes and accessories, and have a social impact that helps communities get out of poverty is heartfelt.

    I think what is really great about the clothing is knowing that the natural, non-toxic, organic material nor the mission or cause compromises the style and the quality of the products!

    Great site to shop for holiday gifts!. And for a great cause!

    Thank you,


  9. Thanks Dede for this post. A blessed and merry Christmas to you and yours. I have heard of several gift themes especially for this time of the year. Themes such as health, makeup, house cleaning and so on but I never heard of an eco friendly theme for Christmas gifts. You even have suggestions for everyone in the family definitely a one to look into. 

  10. I love these ideas and I already have to run one by my wife.  I have an 11 year old who would love something from  Krochet Kids intl.  She is only 11 but going on 15.

    For me, I would go for something from Patagoinia.

    It is about time sustainable gifts of everyday needs came to the forefront.  I’m tired of hearing profit minded CEOs saying we don’t need them, we do.  

    I think this is great in every sense of the word and the options here are great.

  11. Hello Dede,

    I loved the gift ideas, but especially that you lean towards environmentally friendly gifts.

    It’s good to not only think of our loved one but to also think of loving the earth too.

    I really liked the dolls for some reason and clicked through to the page and thought the broccoli teether was an adorable way to get your lids to one day eat their veg and broccoli!

    Their Hazel Village dolls are also really wonderful and I think that most kids would really love them.

    Great job and a really nicely designed website.


    1. We do what we can for the planet! 

      That is a great point about the broccoli teether, I have not imagined that but you are absolutely right! 

      Thanks for connecting!

  12. Hi 

    That time of the year again, but in the land down under the sun is shining, everyone outdoors enjoying the ocean and a BBQ. However, this article is so good in relation to taking care of loved ones and also the environment. People need to be aware of the many options available and you’ done a great job here showing us how to put a smile on the faces of the family as well as Mother Earth. You’ve got some great options here and they will certainly be a consideration once winter comes around here in Australia.


    1. Awesome Paul. Love that part of the planet too! Have fun down there in the sun and be sure your sunscreen is safe for the marine life! 

  13. More and more people want to be eco friendly now, which is fantastic. These eco gifts would be a perfect present to loved ones. I like the wooden toys for kids, which look creative. Also people will love to know who made their gifts like the knitted items. Hopefully there will be many more eco friendly items being made by companies in the future. 

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