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What Makes Us, Us

You know what I love about the internet? It truly allows us to share what we are passionate about with others that share that passion! It’s never been easier to connect with so many likeminded individuals, let alone from all over the world.

These are my Top 5 Reasons for creating a site that discusses what’s best for us Eco-Lovers:

1- It’s always easier when you have help

Life is a lot easier when we work together and can be teammates with those around us. Sharing tips and tricks on how to be more sustainable allows us to share and encourage those around us which in turn, helps us even more!

2- Every little bit matters

It might not seem like cutting your shower down by one minute or powering down your computer at night makes a difference but it does! Any small thing we do makes a huge difference when we all do them. Plus, the simpler the task, the more likely other around you will do it too.

3- It helps us all

Not only does eco-friendly living help the planet, but it helps all of us understand that we are here sharing one planet! We are in this together and that’s forth remembering

4- A little challenge is a good thing

Sometimes, adjusting your lifestyle can be hard but it’s also very rewarding! It feels really good to overcome a battle like remembering to turn off the lights or clear the lint trap between loads because we begin to understand the control we have in our lives.

5- Earth is the best

Have you ever seen a picture of the Northern lights or Niagara falls and just started crying? Well, those tears drive me everyday to keep our planet clean and healthy and that why I share with you!

4 thoughts on “What Makes Us, Us

  1. Very interesting post, thank you.
    I live in New Zealand and we try very hard here to be ECO-friendly. So many businesses are actively reducing their carbon footprint.
    Again thank you interesting reading.

  2. As someone who has extreme wanderlust I absolutely appreciate the beauty of this earth. Great post. Taking care of the one home we have is the most important thing we can do.

  3. Great post! I agree with you! We have to take care of this planet since is the only one we got for now. Nice website, I bookmarked it and I will visit you on a weekly basis!

  4. Great points and a worthy cause to support. I have been lucky enough to many beautiful places around the world and my plan is to see many more.
    So many things are happening that can easily destroy some of these places and you are showing people that it does not have to be a revolution to turn things around.
    If every person did something small to contribute it would have an enormous impact.
    Keep up the good work.

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